What does "TALA" mean?

Tala means "sweet and beautiful" which is what our coffees are.

What is your roasting philosophy?

We roast specifically to bring out the sweetest flavors in our coffees. So many people assume that coffee is inherently bitter, and we love to watch as those people experience coffee that is sweet and delicious all by itself.

Can I pick up my coffee?

Yes! If you would like to pick up your coffee instead of getting it shipped, just use code PICKUP. You will not be charge shipping. We will email you when your coffee can be picked up. Our roastery is open 9-2 on Mondays and Fridays. Pickup is only available from our roastery in Libertyville.


what do i get in my subscription?

Our subscriptions are largely customizable. You can choose to get blends or single origin picks mailed to you at a quantity and time schedule convenient to you.

Can I change My Subscription?

Yes! We are happy to allow you to change your credit card information, cancel your subscription or change your shipping information. You can log into your subscription's payer portal here, or email us and we'll be happy to help you out! 


do you have a cafe?

Yes! We opened our first cafe in early August of 2018 in Highwood, IL. Located in the decommissioned fire station, our cafe has tons of space with a rich natural heritage. 


how do i brew my coffee?

There are so many ways to brew your coffee, and ultimately every way has its own perks. We have many brew guides on our website to help you, depending on what method you prefer. Keep in mind that the goal of coffee brewing is to enjoy the taste, so no matter what anyone says you should brew what you love.

how do i know what coffee i will like?

All coffees have different characteristics depending on their location, elevation, climate, processes, roasting procedures and preparation methods. We write notes about each of our coffees based on what we taste. You can read about each coffee on our shop pages. When all else fails, we highly recommend our Ruca House Blend: a tried and true staple.