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Start by heating up some hot water. We recommend using filtered water as opposed to tap or distilled (read why here). Aim for between 198-205 degrees. If you have to estimate we recommend using water 30 seconds off of boil.

measure coffee

Start by measuring out the coffee you will use. For this recipe we will use 17g of coffee to 250g of water. This is just about the maximum amount of water you can put into an AeroPress.


wet filter

Wet your filter to get rid of any papery taste. We like to put the filter above our mug as shown above and pour a generous amount of water over. This has the added benefit of heating the mug as well.


There are many different recipes and techniques for the Aeropress. Our favorite recipe is an inverted method, meaning we start with the Aeropress upside-down. Assemble as shown and then add hot water to the top chamber to heat everything up.


Grind coffee

Grind your coffee. We recommend using a burr grinder, either electric or hand-held with variable controls. You want a fine grind (it should look similar to ground table salt).

add coffee

Add your ground coffee to the AeroPress (make sure to pour out any water you had in from before).


start Bloom

Pour a little water our the grounds (about 40g).

stir bloom

Stir the bloom immediately. We recommend three even, gentle rotations to ensure consistency. Let the bloom continue until the 30-45 second mark.



After the bloom is finished, add water until 250g.



Stir the slurry again. We recommend three even, gentle rotations to ensure consistency. Let the bloom continue until the 30-45 second mark.


secure the cap

Make sure that the AeroPress cap is securely fastened on the top by twisting it in place.


At 2:30 minutes gently flip the AeroPress so the filter is on the mug. When selecting a mug or vessel to press into, keep in mind that it must fit the AeroPress and be sturdy enough under pressure (it doesn't work with styrofoam, that's for sure). Press down firmly as straight as possible.


Finish press

Your entire press should take about 30 seconds to finish. It is very important to stop pressing when (or right before) the water is out of the AeroPress. If you hear a hissing noise, or if you can visually tell that it is at the end (as shown), you should stop pressing. Continuing past this point would squeeze bitterness out of the coffee grounds.

Press out grounds

Remove the cap from the AeroPress and press the grounds and filter out over a trash can to discard. Rinse your AeroPress and store it assembled. Enjoy your freshly-pressed coffee!

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