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Automated drip brewers each come with slightly different instructions depending on their model. Follow the manufacturer's instructions for your specific brewer. Our tips along with the manufacturer's instructions will help yield the best cup of coffee out of your machine.


One of the best things you can do for your coffee is to use filtered water We recommend using filtered water as opposed to tap or distilled (read why here). This impacts the taste of the coffee more than most people realize. 


Fold filter

Every filter is different, but many require you to fold them so that they sit evenly in the basket. Try to ensure your filter fits in the basket nicely.


If you're using a paper filter, we highly recommend wetting your filter before using it. This helps remove any papery taste from your coffee which can make a big difference when you're drinking. 



While you're at it with the hot water, heat your coffee pot and your mugs as well. This provides a hotter temperature for the coffee when it is served into the mugs.

 measure coffee

You will want to make sure you use the right amount of coffee to water every time your brew. We recommend a 1:15 coffee:water ratio for an Automated drip. If you are measuring by volume, use 1 Tbsp to every cup of water. This means if you are using 1500g of water (~6 cups) you will want to use 100g of coffee (~6Tbsp). 



Typical drippers need a medium-sized grind. Whether you grind your coffee fresh or are using pre-ground beans, make sure your grind size is a nice medium size (similar to sea salt).

Add GRounds

Add your freshly ground coffee into the filter.


Even bed

Make sure the coffee bed is level by tapping the sides of the basket until it appears flat on top.

begin brew cycle

Remember, every brewer is different. Make sure to follow your manufacturer's instructions on brewing.



Once the machine finishes its brewing cycle, take out the filter and grounds from the basket to make sure no more coffee extracts into the pot (this could bring bitterness into your pot). Serve and enjoy!


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