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Heat water

Start by heating up some hot water. We recommend using filtered water as opposed to tap or distilled (read why here). Aim for between 198-205 degrees. If you have to estimate we recommend using water 30 seconds off of boil.

MEasure coffee

Measure your coffee. For this recipe, we are using 32g of coffee to 500g of water. This recipe is a 16:1 coffee:water ratio. If you'd like to make more or less coffee just keep a similar ratio. 


Grind coffee

Now that you're coffee is measured, it's time to grind it up. We recommend using a burr grinder, either electric or hand-held with variable controls. You want a course grind (it should look like coarse sea salt). 


wet filter

Once the water is heated, pour some water over the empty filter. This heats the dripper for an even extraction and washes away the "papery" taste the filter can carry.


Empty water

Make sure to empty the water from the dripper by pushing down the valve. This also acts to heat the range  server or mug that you're using as well. It's always good to heat any vessels the coffee will be served into to keep the coffee hot. 

Add coffee

Add your coffee to the Clever after grinding.



Start your timer and saturate your coffee grounds using double the amount of hot water to coffee (64g water). 


As soon as you are done pouring, give the slurry 3 gentle stirs to ensure all of the grounds are saturated. Let sit for 45 seconds, you will begin to see the coffee rise. This process will cause the coffee to degass or "bloom," allowing the carbon dioxide to escape the coffee.



After the 45 second mark, evenly pour the rest of the water over the grounds. Fill the Clever until you reach 500g.


Let the water steep until the 3:30 mark.


Start draw down

Place the Clever on top of the range server or mug you're using. This begins the draw-down.


Give a gentle stir to the slurry as the coffees draws down through the Clever. We recommend three gentle, even rotations to keep the agitation consistent every time.


Draw Down

Allow the Clever to finish the draw down. This should take about 30 seconds total.

Remove Clever

Remove the Clever once the draw down is complete. Once you lift it up, the valve will shut so any dripping will stop. You can discard the filter and grounds. We recommend adding hot water into the clever to rinse it out after every use.



Now serve and enjoy!


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