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HEat water 

Start by heating up some hot water. We recommend using filtered water as opposed to tap or distilled (read why here). Aim for between 198-205 degrees. If you have to estimate we recommend using water 30 seconds off of boil.

Measure coffee

Weigh out your coffee. For this recipe we are using 40g (3-4T) of coffee to 600g (2.5c) of water. We prefer to brew our French Press with a 15:1 coffee:water ratio. If you'd like to make more or less coffee just keep a similar ratio.


Grind coffee

Now grind your coffee. We recommend using a burr grinder, either electric or hand-held with variable controls. You want a fairly large grind size, resembling coarse sea salt.


Bloom coffee

Place the ground coffee in the bottom of the French Press. Pour a little water of the grounds, just enough to saturate them. We recommend about double the amount of coffee (80g). 

French Press-5.jpg

STir the bloom

Once you've poured the water, give it a stir. This ensures that none of the grounds are dry. Let sit for about 45 seconds.

French Press-6.jpg

add water

Add water until your reach 600g.

French Press-7.jpg

STir again

Stir again once you finish pouring the water. Again, this helps all the grounds saturate in the water.


The grounds need to steep in the water for about four minutes before it is all fully extracted. For best results, add the cover with the mesh filter and the press bar on top of the French Press to retain heat for the steeping process. While you're waiting, fill your mugs with warm water to make them nice and warm for the coffee.



When your total brewing time reaches 3:50 minutes start pressing the handle.  Make sure not to press too forcefully on the grounds as you finish pushing. Pressing down the grounds too fast can cause a bitter taste. 

French Press-10.jpg


Finally, pour the coffee into your drinking mugs. Make sure not to leave the coffee in the French Press, because the coffee will continue to steep as long as the water is with the grounds and will become more bitter as time passes.

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