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Heat water

Start by heating up some hot water. We recommend using filtered water as opposed to tap or distilled (read why here). Aim for between 198-205 degrees. If you have to estimate we recommend using water 30 seconds off of boil.

measure coffee

Measure out 25g of coffee. For this recipe we will use 25g of coffee to 400g (12oz) of water. This recipe is brewed with a  16:1 coffee:water ratio. If you'd like to make more or less coffee just keep a similar ratio.


grind coffee

We recommend using a burr grinder, either electric or hand-held with variable controls. You want to adjust your grinder to a medium setting--it should look similar to sea salt. Load it up and let it grind! 


wet filter

Pour some water over the empty filter. This heats the Kalita, and the range server or mug, ensuring that the coffee has an even temperature and taste. Wetting the filter also gets rid of any "papery" taste.


Bloom coffee

Place the grounds in the filter and level the bed of coffee (try tapping the sides of the dripper to level it out). Pour your water in a circular motion aiming to cover all of the grounds (we recommend double the amount of water to coffee). Let sit for 45 seconds. You will see the coffee begin to rise.



After the bloom it is time to start the rest of the pour. For the Kalita we recommend a pulse pouring method. Pouring in slow concentric circles, each pulse pour should fill the Kalita about half way up. Allow the slurry to draw down slightly before repeating your next pulse.  Repeat this process until you pour out all 400g (12oz) of water.



After your pour is over you just have to wait for the draw-down to complete before removing the filter. Pour some hot water into your drinking vessel beforehand to warm up your mug, but make sure to pour it out before you add your coffee . Give your coffee a swirl and enjoy!


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