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Plug bottom

First things first: set up your Toddy. Begin by placing the plug in the bottom hole. This will allow the coffee to steep without draining out of the Toddy.

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wet filter

Place the reusable filter in a small glass of water, or run it under cold water until fully saturated. Wetting the filter before use helps keep the coffee tasting pure and gets rid of any tastes the filter may contribute.


place filter

Put the saturated filter in the bottom of the Toddy. Make sure to fit it snugly in the bottom cut-out. 

add water

Add 237g. (1c.) of water into the empty Toddy to start. We recommend using filtered water as opposed to tap or distilled (read why here). 


measure coffee

Measure 135 g. of coffee using a scale.


grind coffee

Grind the coffee. We recommend using a burr grinder (read why here). The grind should be very course, since the slurry will be steeping overnight.


add coffee

Add your ground coffee on top of the water in the Toddy.

add more water

Add an additional 1518g. of water to the Toddy. Resist the urge to stir! Stirring the grounds clogs the filter. Try to make sure to saturate all the grounds as you pour so that none of them remain dry.



Let your Toddy steep room temperature for 12-16 hours (overnight is a great time to do this!). When you're ready, remove the plug from the bottom and place on top of the decanter to let drain the Toddy. Store in the refrigerater for 2-3 days. Enjoy with ice! 


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