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Heat water

Start by heating up some hot water. We recommend using filtered water as opposed to tap or distilled (read why here). Aim for between 198-205 degrees. If you have to estimate we recommend using water 30 seconds off of boil.


MEASURE coffee

Measure your coffee. For this recipe we will use 25g of coffee to 400g (12oz) of water. This recipe is a a 16:1 coffee:water ratio. If you'd like to make more or less coffee just keep a similar ratio.



While your water is heating, you can start grinding your coffee. We recommend using a burr grinder, either electric or hand-held with variable controls. Load it up and let it grind. The grind size should be a medium fine, resembling table salt. 


fold filter

v60 filters can have a nasty habit of popping out of place or not sitting properly in the dripper. Make sure to fold the seams of the filter over before placing it in the dripper. 


wet filter

Once the water is heated, pour some water over the empty filter. This heats the dripper, and the range server or mug, ensuring a stable brewing temperature for the coffee Wetting the filter also gets rid of any "papery" taste.

add coffee

Add your ground coffee to the filter. Level the coffee bed by tapping the sides of the dripper.


Bloom coffee

Pour your water in a circular motion covering all of the grounds (we recommend double the weight water to coffee). Let sit for 30-45 seconds. You will see the coffee begin to rise. This is called "the bloom" and it helps de-gas the coffee grounds.


After the bloom it is time to start the rest of the pour. Pour in a slow, controlled, and continuous motion covering all of the grounds. Avoid pouring on the wall on the v60 where there is no coffee. Continue until you reach 400g (12oz).


Draw DOwn

Allow the water to finishing drawing down through the grounds. The total brew time when draw down is finished should be around 2:30-3:00. Once complete, remove the dripper and discard the grounds.


 Pour some hot water in your drinking vessel for a few minutes and then pour it out, leaving your cup nice and warm. Give your coffee a nice swirl and enjoy! 

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