Decaf Guatemala

Decaf Guatemala

from 14.00

Flavors: Cocoa, cherry, graham cracker

Origin: Guatemala

Process: Washed

Decaffeinated: Carbon Dioxide - Chemical Free

Importer: Olam Specialty Coffee Importers


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Decaf coffee has been ubiquitously known for being the not so good tasting, evil twin of coffee. In most decaffeinated coffees, a chemical solvent is used to remove the caffeine, but in turn this also strips out most of the good coffee flavors we enjoy. However, we seek to have all of our coffees taste incredible, but also understand that not every person or situation needs to be caffeine fueled. This is why we source decaf coffees that go through a natural, chemical-free decaffeination process that both removes the caffeine but also keeps all the inherent, wonderful flavors intact. Its the perfect storm for decaf drinkers and we think you’ll be surprised at how great this decaf really tastes.