Tala-la-la-la Holiday Blend

Tala-la-la-la Holiday Blend

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Flavors: Sugar cookies, cinnamon, jam

Origin: Guatemala, Kenya

Process: Washed

Importer: Genuine Origin Coffee Project

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The Tala-la-la-la Holiday Blend is our seasonal blend offering.  Coffee is best when shared with the ones you love and this blend is a reminder of just that. We intend for this coffee to evoke all the reminiscent feelings and tastes of the holidays and is best paired any and all of the following: a cozy blanket while sitting fireside after being snowed in, a thermos and hatchet during your Christmas tree chopping-down adventure, a plethora of sweet desserts after dinner, or on the go amidst the bustle of holiday shopping. You’ll be filled with joy and cheer when you taste festive notes of chocolate, sugar cookie, cinnamon and jam in this coffee.