Amoret Espresso Blend

Amoret Espresso Blend

from 14.00

Flavors: semi-sweet chocolate, cream, almond

Type: Espresso Blend

Origin: Guatemala, Honduras, Ethiopia

Process: Washed

Importer: Olam Specialty Importers, Genuine Origin Coffee Project

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Amoret Espresso Blend is our foundation for milk-based and espresso drinks. This exciting ensemble of Honduras, Colombia, and Ethiopia coffees, create an immensely creamy and sweet, balanced, and intriguing backdrop for cappuccinos and lattes. This shot of espresso tastes like if you were on a first  date with the love of your life, sipping on fine red wine that was paired with an assortment of cocoa dusted truffles and candied orange peels. “Amoret” translates to “token of love”, and speaks to the heart and intention in the way we develop and serve our coffee.