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Newest Coffee Arrivals

We're excited to announce two new coffees to our mid-summer line of coffee. This is particularly exciting because all the coffees we have now we will be serving at our cafe in just a few weeks. We can't wait to make you a hot cup of one of these new single origins! 

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News, ProductsKeith Lilja
New Coffee Arrivals!

You have been patiently waiting to find out the big secret: what new coffees are arriving. We have been searching for some good options to add to our lineup this spring. In order to find the perfect coffees we cupped 14 different coffees from regions all over Africa and South America from multiple importers. Out of those 14 coffees, these 2 stood out among the rest. 

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Where to Start

Starting yourself out with coffee gear can be a pretty penny--hats off to you if you can get it all in one go--but there is hope for those who don't want to break bank just to brew coffee at home. While some brewing methods require a special gooseneck kettle or other special equipment, there are some really great brewing methods to start off with very little equipment. Here are some of our favorite options:

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