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Making the Most: Coffee Grinding

Grinders either fall into the category of burr or blade. Burr grinders are a little higher-end and therefore tend to be more expensive. Average coffee consumers usually opt for a blade grinder because of its attractive price point. Although burr grinders are more ideal for coffee grinding, you can still yield a quality cup with a blade grinder. Let's explore optimizing blade grinders. There are two obvious potential problems with typical blade grinders that you want to watch out for: gauging the correct grind size and even particle size. 

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Where to Start

Starting yourself out with coffee gear can be a pretty penny--hats off to you if you can get it all in one go--but there is hope for those who don't want to break bank just to brew coffee at home. While some brewing methods require a special gooseneck kettle or other special equipment, there are some really great brewing methods to start off with very little equipment. Here are some of our favorite options:

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