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Where to Start

Starting yourself out with coffee gear can be a pretty penny--hats off to you if you can get it all in one go--but there is hope for those who don't want to break bank just to brew coffee at home. While some brewing methods require a special gooseneck kettle or other special equipment, there are some really great brewing methods to start off with very little equipment. Here are some of our favorite options:

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Making the Most: Water

Water is extremely important in coffee-brewing (it is the majority of the beverage, after all). While brewing, the hot water extracts tastes from the grounds to turn plain water into delicious coffee. This happens through chemical bonding, where the particles in the coffee bond to the particles in the water. Differences in water can disrupt this process and undermine the deliciousness of the coffee. There are two common problems people make with water choices, and both are easily avoidable.

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