Winter Drink Menu

As much as we all loved our Holiday drinks, it is time for a change! We have three new wintery drinks available at the cafe.

First we have our Moosetracks Latte. The classic peanut butter and chocolate combination has never tasted better. We use our homemade chocolate syrup—that we use in our hot chocolates and mochas—and combine that with simple peanut butter powder. So far customers have been happily surprised that it isn’t as sweet as it sounds (we use only the brown sugar in the chocolate syrup and nothing else!), but instead is the perfect richness with a super creamy mouthfeel. An amazing comfort drink for these frigid winter days.

new winter drinks-2.jpeg

The Stockholm is a complex symphony of refreshing flavors. Lingonberry jam is combined with a double shot of espresso and house-made simple syrup and shaken with ice, poured over sparkling water and garnished with a sprig of mint. It’s the most refreshing treat for anyone who wants to enjoy flavors of winter while simultaneously pretending it’s warm outside. Best enjoyed in-house in the warmth with friends or a good book.

new winter drinks-1.jpeg

Last but not least we have the Espresso Coquito. This drink really gave us a run for our money. Coquito (little coconut) is a traditional wintertime Puerto Rican beverage using sweetened condensed milk, white rum, spices and coconut milk. We wanted to recreate this drink with an espresso twist. Getting all the flavors just right took some time, but we got there! It’s like a tropical flair on a super festive drink. Enjoy it hot or cold!

new winter drinks-3.JPG

Which is your favorite?

Joanna Tong